360° Consulting: A leader in business development services for the Retail FX sector

360o Consulting is a consultancy based in Limassol, Cyprus (EU), which provides a variety of consulting services to the Retail Forex / CFD /Commodity investment services sector. Costas Constantinides, Director and Chief Consultant of the firm, highlights some of the key areas where the consultancy is assisting Retail FX market participants to develop their establishments and improve their business practices.

Costas Constantinides Costas, 360° offers a powerful message. What is the underlying concept and history that led to the launch of this consultancy? The concept stands for servicing our clients with excellence in all specialized aspects of forex business where value is sought: Simply, 360° care and reach. The experience stemming from our team’s professional roles in the sector, led us to realize that most developing Forex/CFD firms & funds around the world had limited choice in where to seek regulatory and operational advice relevant to the nature of their business. Consequently, in a considerable number of cases, this led to inconvenience due to delays, inflated and inconsistent consulting costs, and inadequate results.360o Consulting joined together all of the relevant expertise of each member of our team, dating back to the development of some leading Forex firms in 2005. This included their global license and operational projects expertise. As a result a unique and specialized...continued

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