Heather McLean
Heather McLean

Social networking helping to get Retail FX traders together

Social networking has now come of age in the consumer market, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and LinkedIn all attracting record numbers of members. Heather McLean explores how this maturing technology has now given rise to increasing interest in social networking for retail FX users, with added trading tools, charts, news feeds and forums to maximise the benefits for end users.

Social Networking is suddenly making its presence felt within the retail FX trading community because of a basic human instinct to create groups and tribes, notes Kellie Durazo, principal, professional trader and lead instructor at FX V-room. She comments: “I think there’s always been a desire within forex trading for a community, for a place where you can learn trading techniques, share information with fellow traders and learn about what’s happening in the industry.“With social networking growing on a global scale, and with Facebook having more than 300 million users worldwide, we are also no longer handicapped by our location,” she continues. “Additionally, I think you’ll see it grow even further with live group trading, webinars conducted not only by experts like ourselves, but peer to peer and especially ongoing education. But just like a classroom, users will be able to discuss amongst themselves the overall experience. I think as technology gets more...continued

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