Eric Burgener Senior VP of Marketing InMage
Eric Burgener Senior VP of Marketing InMage

Taking steps to prepare for Disaster Recovery

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 38 / Retail e-FX Provider / January 2010

In today’s climate, most enterprises maintain some form of business continuity plan.  Business continuity plans provide a way for an enterprise to continue functioning in the event of a catastrophic disaster that shuts down business operations at one or more primary locations.  Business continuity plans cover information technology (IT) infrastructure recovery, human capital issues that arise when business operations must be restarted at a remote location, and physical infrastructure issues, such as re-establishing communications, ensuring physical security, and providing appropriate work areas at remote locations. IT infrastructure recovery, sometimes referred to as disaster recovery (DR), addresses the issues involved with recovering computing equipment (servers, storage, etc.), data, and application services.  DR provides a necessary foundation for business continuity plans but is not a substitute for them.  An effective DR plan is especially important for online foreign exchange...continued

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