e-Forex talks to Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i

Tom, what core products does Gold-i offer customers? All our products have been designed to help brokers to manage their business, reduce risk and increase profits. We are continually looking to innovate and develop our portfolio – for example we have recently updated our Gold-i Gate Bridge to version 2.49 plug-in to further enhance trader processes by fully supporting B-Booking and Instant Execution. Gold-i’s suite of integration products is spearheaded by the Gold-i Gate Bridge, which connects retail trading systems (such as MetaTrader 4 and 5) to internal or external liquidity providers. The Gold-i Gate Bridge is recognised as the market leading fast, super low latency smart routing product, achieving an average of 2ms latency. The Gold-i product portfolio also includes the Gold-i Gate Link, which connects MetaTrader to your back/middle office or CRM system for real-time, two-way trading data synchronisation. Other Gold-i utility products, the Gold-i Bolt-Ons, are also available and...continued

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