Lior Nabat, CEO of Tradency, talks to e-Forex about Mirror trading and the benefits that the “Trade by Knowledge” concept brings to traders, brokers and strategy developers.

Lior Nabat Lior – please can you briefly explain how Mirror trading works? Mirror trading was developed to share the knowledge of experienced Forex traders amongst traders. Using Mirror Trading technology, traders can view and learn from the actions of seasoned strategy developers, in addition they may also “copy” the trades to their own account automatically. By this action, we defined the term “mirroring”. The Mirror Trading concept is quite simple: Tradency servers keep track of strategy developers’ ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals. By using the Mirror Trader platform traders are able to view, analyze and evaluate these signals and execute it in their brokerage accounts. Since all the signals of every strategy provider are being recorded, we are able to display an objective and transparent report of the strategy developers’ performance, from their first trade to the most recent. The Tradency Mirror Trader platform provides client with two...continued

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