Heather McLean
Heather McLean

Capturing investment opportunities with a new generation of Retail FX trading services

Retail FX trading has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few years and today a new generation of retail investors are out there working the markets. Heather McLean explores why they demand a new, more sophisticated way of exploiting the fast moving currency markets.

Technology companies, platform providers and online brokers have all responded to the needs of the Retail FX market by upping their game and delivering new products and services with enhanced features and functionality to help deliver a superior value proposition for clients. UK manager at easy-forex, Zoe Fiddes, comments that a big issue in the retail industry just a few years ago was execution speed, which meant private investors were faced with price lags and requotes. However, she says that market makers have invested heavily in this area to ensure the time delay is at a minimum now, as it is imperative that a trader can get the price they see on the screen in a fast market. “This has been improved hugely by removing dealing desk interventions and making electronic communications network (ECN) software available to private investors. The ECN model allows traders direct connection to the interbank market and other liquidity providers,” she explains.   Robots and copy trading Private...continued

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