Citi Velocity Trading 2.0 Delivering speed and far more efficient use of desktop space

Offering a host of customisable pre-trade analytics and trading tools Citi Velocity 2.0 is a next-generation cross-asset trading platform that is leading from the front. Frances Faulds talks to Alaa Saeed, Global manager for Citi Velocity Trading about its recent launch.

What was the thinking behind Citi Velocity 2.0 and what did you set out to achieve? Although it takes its name from our former platform Velocity 2.0, launched in January 2012, is a completely new build and not simply an upgrade of the old platform.  Our objectives were clear in terms of what wanted to achieve. The platform we had was not a bad platform. We kept the name because we wanted to do the predecessor justice. We were quite happy with the name and the brand we had built under Citi Velocity, it had made a meaningful impact to our business, but recognising the need to innovate in this space, even though the platform was doing quite well, we decided it was time for us to leap ahead of the competition. We wanted to rebuild the platform to achieve faster execution times, lower transaction costs, greater liquidity for our clients, a high standard of real-time information and far more efficient use of desktop space. Our first goal was to change the core platform to achieve greater speed –...continued

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