Stuart Grant business development manager, SAP
Stuart Grant business development manager, SAP

Complex Event Processing – a proven technology and highly scalable for FX

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 50 / FX Mythbusters / January 2013

We see interesting user applications for CEP in other markets and asset classes where it has cut its teeth, but surely most of these cannot be translated across to FX? We have customers using CEP (or Event Stream Processing) in FX environments for a variety of use cases ranging from real-time MTM, risk analytics, algo execution and monitoring, pricing and system monitoring.  In fact, FX is showing itself to be a perfect environment for our ESP engine due to its scalability, resilience and ability to underpin a variety use cases with a single operationally supported tool. Doesn’t CEP mainly benefit sell-side firms? It’s true that the majority of CEP usage started on the Sell-Side, however, the last 12 months has seen significant increase of interest and use from the buy-side.  Part of this is down to ease of use and speed to market.  Speaking for the SAP ESP engine, we have a visual model development environment that allows a Business Analyst to quickly create quite complex...continued

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