Jon Vollemaere Co-Founder, LetsTalkFX
Jon Vollemaere Co-Founder, LetsTalkFX

Retail isn’t Retail anymore!

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 50 / Log Out / January 2013

These are the important trends in Retail FX as I see them.  1. Retail is not retail anymore! This can best be shown if I run through some stats. Ten years ago Retail FX did not really exist. The retail market is now 350 billion a day and up to 11% of total daily turnover. We’re impressed that up to 60% of Interbank FX trading is electronically executed. But more than 90% of retail flows are electronic. Close to 40% of trading volume in spot FX is attributed to High Frequency trading. But more than 60% of retail flow is high frequency / algo traded.  What does this mean for platform builders and users? It means today, everybody has something they can learn from retail FX.  But who and what has retail learned from? Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m afraid to say that it’s gambling technology. “What happens in Vegas, does not necessarily stay in Vegas anymore”. The difference between online gambling and online trading has blurred. We  are now seeing many companies...continued

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