(Real) Trends in e-trading - coming to a floor near you.

Tomorrows winners in the world of FX trading will be those offering tangible value to their customers and not just fancy web-sites with bells and whistles states Bill Moran.

EBS entered the world of interbank foreign exchange in September 1993. Since that time the world of foreign exchange has experienced enormous and significant change. The interbank spot market particularly has experienced significant contraction as market participants have consolidated, with the introduction of the Euro eliminating a dozen previously traded currencies and last but not least, with electronic broking and more recently e-trading introducing a whole new level of trading efficiency.In the early 80s, as the first wave of automation was introduced to stock markets and the old model of jobbers (market makers) and takers on the trading floor was replaced by electronic quote systems, the then Chairman of the Amsterdam stock exchange was quoted as saying “…markets thrive on inefficiency; nobody wants an efficient market”. There is a direct parallel with stock markets in the 80s and the foreign exchange market over the past few years - while electronic trading...continued

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