Electronic FX trading and Hedge Funds. With MAN Financial,Gartmore Investment Management, GAM, Cognotec and Hostpot FX.

5 major players discuss the issues surrounding electronic FX trading and Hedge Funds

Lance Farrant, Emma Ridout, Siddharth Kaul, Paul Fox, John H. EleyWe bring together Lance Farrant, VP of sales at MAN Financial (GNI Touch), Emma Ridout, head of FI dealing at Gartmore Investment Management, Siddharth Kaul, Senior Risk Manager, Global Currency Fund, GAM, Paul Fox, COO at Cognotec and John H. Eley, President and CEO, at Hotspot FX Inc. to discuss the issues surrounding electronic FX trading and Hedge Funds. Why should hedge funds consider using an electronic platform?Farrant: Electronic platforms can offer a competitive edge to hedge funds, particularly if the trading signals are electronically generated. Speed of execution via API's or similar connections can reduce slippage and eradicate errors and confusion sometimes caused by the "human factor" Multi portal applications can also offer almost instantaneous access to best execution from a number of suppliers.Ridout: Trading platforms provide hedge funds an opportunity to trade twenty four hours a day using a single point of contact....continued

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