Integral launches Integration Networkâ„¢ and FX Insideâ„¢

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 15 / News / July, 2004

Integral Development Corp. has launched Integral Integration Network™, a new global real-time connectivity solution linking foreign exchange liquidity providers and liquidity takers. Its companion application, Integral FX Inside™, incorporates a single-screen trading application that enables dealers to access the network with a single, executable platform to tap all available electronic FX sources.Integral FX InsideParticipants can act simultaneously as ‘price-makers’ and ‘price-takers’ with credit-approved counterparties. Connection to the network is through a single interface (API) from which dealers can interact with counterparties to negotiate, execute and settle trades.FX Inside distills numerous liquidity sources into a single trading application that lets dealers see not only the best tradable price but also real-time depth of market information.“We developed the network and FX Inside in partnership with the leading FX banks over the past year - with a goal...continued

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