EBS enhances offering for professional FX traders

EBS®TM has announced two major enhancements for traders using the premium EBS®TM Live product. ‘Daily Market High/Low’ allows customers to capture not only the highest/lowest rates traded (Absolute High/Low) for the day, but also the highest and lowest rates where actual ‘market amounts’ have been executed. ‘Recent Market High/Low’ has also been added to EBS Live. This gives the highest and lowest rates dealt within an interval - currently 10 seconds - which conforms to minimum counterparty and volume requirements.This can be used to assist order management by indicating the level at which a market amount has been transacted prior to a turn (rise or fall) in the market. The data is continuously calculated throughout the day and published at the time of verification. Both enhancements have been designed to support professional FX traders in their trading decisions on behalf of customers....continued

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