Technology: driving innovation and growth in eFX.With Cognotec, SmartTrade Technologies, LavaFX, FlexTrade, FairEx and Reuters.

6 leading FX technology vendors tackle questions on this key topic.

With Brian Maccaba, CEO & Founder of Cognotec, Harry Gozlan, CEO & Founder of SmartTrade Technologies, David Ogg, Head of LavaFX, Lee Ratner, Vice President, FX sales at FlexTrade, Dr Loh Wing Wah, Chief Executive Officer of FairEx International Financial Systems and Mark Redwood, Managing Director of Reuters Automated Dealing Technologies.What’s fuelling the current demand from sell-side institutions for FX trading technology? Is it to satisfy the growing needs of new and more sophisticated clients, or fear of competitive disadvantage or to better meet the need for compliance, regulatory and transaction monitoring solutions? Maccaba: There has been an 80% increase in overall FX volumes over the last three years, while the share of business transacted in the interbank market has declined. At the same time we are seeing increasing demand from banks as price takers, and leverage trading from CTAs and hedge funds, among others. However, the corporate share of this volume has decreased. These...continued

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