Michael DuCharme
Michael DuCharme

e-Forex talks with Michael DuCharme, who works in the FX department of the Russell Currency Management Group.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 24 / Case Study / July 2006

Michael can you tell us a little about the currency services that Russell Investment Group offers and your approach to FX trading?Russell offers an agency FX solution to investment managers (IMs) and pension funds interested in enhancing FX performance, controlling costs, and reducing operational risk.IMs and pension funds are the first to recognize that improving FX prices and controlling transaction costs are important contributors to their performance results. However, security selection and trading infrastructure, compliance, and a host of other issues also have a significant impact upon performance. These requirements compete for the legal staff, management oversight, operations support, and information technology expertise needed to build or upgrade and maintain an FX infrastructure.We’ve spent considerable resources to build an e-FX process to manage currency transactions for Russell funds; we’re offering that infrastructure to those clients who find it too costly,...continued

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