S. Keao Caindec Chief Marketing Officer at Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc
S. Keao Caindec Chief Marketing Officer at Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc

Innovation in Network Services – Giving customers control of their online FX trading environment

S. Keao Caindec outlines how innovation in network services will keep pace with the significant changes in the flow of trades that the eFX market is likely to experience.

Recent advances in networking services promise to accelerate the adoption of electronic trading within the foreign exchange (FX) market. With more than US$2 trillion traded per day, foreign currencies are the most actively traded asset class in the world.In a market this large, one would expect aggressive adoption of electronic trading platforms to improve market efficiency. And yet, just 44% of FX traders use electronic trading systems, according to Greenwich Associates. Complex application interface (API) portal integration, system scalability challenges and the need for faster networks are frequently blamed for the slower-than-expected adoption of electronic FX trading (eFX).However, improvements in the speed, control and scalability of Ethernet-based wide area networks will change all of that. As we’ve seen in the equities and derivatives markets, the migration to electronic trading to support more trades, greater efficiency and narrower spreads is irresistible to the market.The need...continued

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