Nordea launches FX auxiliaries

Nordea has launched FX auxiliaries in the form of extensions and early take-ups on its proprietary portal, e-Markets. Completed trades in all 253 crosses tradable on e-Markets can now be extended or matured early at either market or historical rates. The e-Markets Trade Blotter has also been extended to include tree structure views of the trades including all amendments, facilitating easy tracking of originals deals and showing current outstanding balance on the trades.Kenneth SteengaardKenneth Steengaard, Head of e-Markets at Nordea, says: “Extensions and early take-ups are very important products in the Nordic area used by a very wide range of customers. The fact that we have now enabled electronic execution of these trade types will even further increase the automation of FX trading for our customers and significantly improve the overview of how trades and amendments of these are related”....continued

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