The Interbank FX platform: the next move from Lava

Lava first entered the foreign exchange market in October 2004 with the launch of LavaFXâ„¢, its comprehensive FX product suite designed for and used by the buy-side. It offers a Central Limit Order Book of live dealable prices, full price transparency and depth of book, and the ability to place bids and offers, together with Lava's sophisticated order types. The system aggregates multiple sources of FX liquidity into a single access point, which can be tapped via the fast, intuitive LavaFX user interface, or through a FIX API.New featuresRecently, Lava announced the addition of a pioneering new feature, Staging Area, to the LavaFX product suite. Developed through dialogue with leading trading firms, Staging Area simplifies execution during the order management process. It permits asset managers, hedge funds, CTAs, and signal driven traders to seamlessly load and manage orders individually or in batches and ensure executions are within size, side and price restrictions.The next phaseThe Interbank...continued

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