Currenex expands functionality for submitting orders on VWAP

Advanced market depth choices for spot ESP™ (Executable Streaming Prices) consist of a standard view, a consolidated  view (with volume aggregated at each price level), a VWAP view (with a volume weighted average price and corresponding volume), and an Enhanced VWAP view (with volume weighted average price fixed to set price levels). Users may monitor and submit orders by clicking on a quantity correlating to any one of these four different versions within the market depth. In standard VWAP the quantity will be the total volume available at that price.   The VWAP rate is a calculated rate displayed for each pip price level available in the order book. The Enhanced VWAP view is useful for traders who deal in logical blocks of volume.  It is also a significant benefit for all traders when the markets are volatile and a snapshot view of a consolidated rate helps simplify the market price for pre-set volumes.  The pre-defined quantity break point levels are displayed in multiples...continued

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