CEP: A breakthrough technology for FX

With Mark Palmer, President and COO of StreamBase Systems Inc, Jeff Wootton, Director of Marketing at Aleri, John Morrell, Director, Product Marketing at Coral8 and John Bates, Managing Director of Progress Apama.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, which is designed to help process, analyse and react to real-time data, is finding numerous applications across many different industries. Everyone agrees that the volume of data that organizations need to deal with is growing rapidly and the time frames in which they need to act are shrinking fast. This is particularly true of the FX market where many firms are adopting high speed, automated and algorithmic trading  techniques.  Is this why many commentators are so confident CEP will deliver substantial benefits in FX trading or are there other reasons as well? Palmer: No. The ability to handle “feeds and speeds” is table-stakes, not the driver, for technology choices in capital markets. The key business driver for CEP is the need to compete by rapidly deploying intelligent automation.  Specifically, that means applications like Smart Order Routing (SOR), algorithmic trading, real-time P&L, liquidity management,...continued

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