Eileen Haggerty Director, Product Marketing, NetScout Systems
Eileen Haggerty Director, Product Marketing, NetScout Systems

Network Capacity Planning: Helping to optimize FX trading bandwidth requirements

Today’s investment services organizations participating in global foreign exchange markets operate multiple data centers and geographically dispersed sales offices all connected by high-speed networks. Foreign exchange trading desks themselves need to communicate with a variety of critical counterparts that might include scores of brokerage firms, hundreds of worldwide banks, and numerous currency ECNs (electronic communication networks) such as Hotspot and Lava. So how do you perform cost-effective and efficient network capacity planning on such mission critical segments?

Capacity planning challenges Historically, capacity planning was an exercise in budget management and planning.  In a time when WAN budgets represented one of the highest monthly expenses, senior management was forever challenged to understand why and how it could be reduced.  But that was a different century – now in the 21st century, particularly in FX organizations, capacity planning is an exercise in performance – why? Because the traffic these networks carry is far more valuable than the networks over which they are transported.  When bandwidth is a bottleneck and latency intolerant FX trading operations are delayed or degraded contending for necessary bandwidth alongside IP Multicast transmissions and customer resource management (CRM) inquiries, than everyone suffers – currency managers, hedge fund managers, bankers, brokers, and certainly customers.  Thus, we focus on a variety of essential techniques that should be leverage to help determine bandwidth...continued

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