Denis Borisovsky CEO of PFSoft
Denis Borisovsky CEO of PFSoft

ProTrader: “The One Trading Platform?”

We review the ProTrader multi asset platform from PFSoft. ProTrader provides a complete solution for retail brokers, market makers and hedge funds. The platform supports a wide range of products and is based on the latest technology. Denis Borisovsky, CEO of PFSoft tells us more about it..

Denis why do you think PFSoft is an ideal partner for brokers? First of all we are developers of a complete platform wide range of trading products and different market participants. PFSoft is a relatively young company and has been using new technologies from the beginning and we do believe our products are some of the most effective and competitive in the industry.We are a technological company and not involved in any share based partnerships with brokers. Having been in business for 6 years gives our clients confidence and adds to our credibility. All of our clients have full control of ProTrader and can host it on their servers.Everything is fully transparent to them and they are very secure with it.  The most important is that we love what we do and continually strive to improve our platform and services every day. What sort of clients are you providing products and services for? ProTrader provides complete business solutions for different market participants including retail Brokers, Market...continued

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