Heather McLean
Heather McLean

Bridging the gap Retail meets Institutional FX

The retail forex trader segment is now a client base as highly sought after as the institutional market. Banks and brokers are bending over backwards to make these smaller players feel like part of the forex family, providing them with the tools of the trade more commonly associated with institutional traders and investors. Heather McLean takes a look at how retail providers are bridging the gap between institutional and retail.

Different breeds? Ross Ditlove, CEO of MB Trading, says his company sees little difference between professional and semi-professional, also known as very active retail traders, other than committed capital. As a result, MB Trading’s professional grade technology platform services both retail and professional FX traders alike. “It was a long standing industry belief that larger accounts should receive tighter spreads. Our firm considers this a preposterous notion and one which has no relevancy in today’s forex market place,” he states.John Moran, COO at Advanced Markets, states that never before have retail traders and investors been exposed to such a high level of technology, liquidity and brokerage options in foreign exchange. He notes: “The retail space has become a highly sought after segment for banks and brokers alike.  MAREX Financial has been drawn it to the retail client world now because of demand. Previously, it was in the business of servicing and...continued

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