Roger Aitken
Roger Aitken

Financial Extranets: providing seamless and dedicated connectivity for FX

Roger Aitken explores why FX trading firms are increasingly seeking dedicated connectivity to their FX trading venues and counterparties and what are the benefits of using global Financial Extranets to achieve this.

FX trading firms today are seeking connectivity to multiple FX trading venues and counterparties to ensure that they have the widest range of data points and opportunities. To take advantage of arbitrage and other trading opportunities such firms are looking at connectivity paths on a monthly basis ensuring that their routes are the fastest, as well as ensuring operational reliability that comes with a 24/7 market. Increasingly they are seeking dedicated connectivity - without contention - through financial Extranet providers to a variety of FX trading venues and counterparties due to ongoing market/trading venue fragmentation. Contention in a trading/communications context refers to competition by users of a system for use of the same facility at the same time. The term contention ratio applies specifically to the number of people or firms who share a set amount of bandwidth.Private Internet Alan Schwartz, President of Transaction Network Services’ (TNS) Financial Services, based in New York,...continued

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