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FinaTek ( is the provider of the myForex Trading Platform. Since 1996 the founders of the company, Alexander Ryvin, Anatoly Tkach and Andrew Sinitsyn have been engaged in the design, development and supervision of proprietary trading platforms for leading Retail FX industry players like MGFG, FXCM, FX Solutions, and others. In 2002 they got together to create the next generation enterprise grade Retail FX trading platform. In February 2003 the first release of the myForex platform was successfully launched for CMS in US. Currently myForex is being used by Retail FX market participants all over the world, thus demonstrating that FinaTek’s flexible and scalable technology solution is ready to be adopted by the leading FX market players.

The firm has recently introduced myForex On-Site a new solution designed to satisfy the demand from larger market players for a Retail FX trading software platform.  Online Retail FX trading has enjoyed exponential growth since its inception and attracted attention from a multitude of banks and brokers. myForex On-Site is the first market proven, enterprise grade, turn-key software solution suitable for well established companies with high technology standards and strict security policies. Today we interview Andrew Sinitsyn - the lead system architect for myForex On-Site, and FinaTek CTO:Andrew, why was there a need for myForex On-Site? When it comes to online FX trading, “Retail” doesn’t mean “small” anymore - especially now, when the population of individual FX traders, both professionals and amateurs, has grown exponentially. Increasing numbers of larger players are entering the Retail FX trading space and others are evaluating this attractive market. Their software...continued

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