Hether McLean
Hether McLean

Anywhere, anytime - Retail FX goes seriously mobile

Heather McLean explores in what ways the more powerful native features of mobile devices are being exploited to deliver improved mobile FX trading solutions

Sometimes called the small screen, the smartphone is the new must-have tool for every trader that wants to work in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ultimate in personalisation, the mobile phone and now the tablet are the accessories that people never leave home without, and never sleep without according to the May 2012 Mobile Workforce Report from mobility services firm, iPass. The report showed that 71% of Asian mobile workers report they sleep with their smartphones in the bedroom, followed by 58% of North Americans and 55% of Europeans. Additionally, 56% of Asian mobile workers sometimes or obsessively wake up during the night to check their smartphone, followed by 31% of North Americans and 21% of Europeans. The findings also show that 88% of these mobile workers said wireless access was as important or almost as crucial to their lives as running water and electricity, while 95% of those questioned globally reported significant reductions in their job productivity without wireless...continued

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