Top questions to ask when evaluating an MT4/Bridge solution

As Retail FX continues to sweep across the globe, there is one question that faces every broker who decides to market to retail traders: How will I deploy and manage a MetaTrader4 offering? Despite the ever growing popularity of internal proprietary systems and “differentiating” platform offerings… there will still always be a demand for the ubiquity, flexibility and familiarity that comes with MT4. When choosing how to offer MT4, there are a number of technology providers who have dedicated their business to simplifying this process for brokers. From full end-to-end MT4 offerings that include hosting, bridging and liquidity to more advanced systems designed to couple MT4 to a legacy risk management model, the various “flavors” all come with caveats of short-term benefits vs. long term growth plans. In an effort to simplify this process, the best thing a broker can do is focus on the following questions: 1.  What liquidity do I want to be connected into my MT4...continued

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