UltiMT – an exciting new unified solution for MetaTrader traders and brokers

Anthony Brocco, CEO of Advanced Markets, a leading provider of foreign exchange direct market access (DMA) services, talks to e-Forex about the launch of the company’s new technology, liquidity and credit offering, UltiMT.

Anthony, what is UltiMT and why does its unified system architecture represent a major leap forward? UltiMT represents major leaps forward for MetaTrader brokers, banks and traders in terms of technology, operational stability and low latency direct market access. The solution’s system architecture unifies all functions in one platform, eliminating virtually all integration points that cause system failures and latency. The system’s stability is remarkable. In live beta installations, UltiMT has been running for nearly a year without a single out trade or downtime instance. Connecting UltiMT’s technology platform with Advanced Markets’ DMA liquidity pool enables low latency trade executions on neutral, multibank liquidity, which improves risk monitoring and trade execution performance for brokers, banks and traders. What operational benefits will UltiMT bring to banks and brokers who operate MetaTrader platforms?  Clearly, UltiMT’s outstanding operational stability...continued

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