In-Memory Computing: offering transformational opportunities for FX trading applications

By Nick Deacon, senior director, EMEA at SAP.

What is In-Memory and how does it differ from traditional computing? The introduction of In-Memory computing allows organizations to revolutionize their approach to the processing and management of data. It enables organisations to analyse big data at the speed of thought – for instant business insight, accelerated responsiveness and achieving a competitive edge. Through a new generation of hardware and software, In-Memory computing can help transform organisation’s with full integrated real-time systems based on less technology components simplifying enterprise architectures. Business can rapidly innovate making it possible to quickly capture new opportunities, streamline operations and deliver customer value.What factors have made In-Memory Computing possible and more easily accessible to a much wider user base? The recent introduction of large scale low cost memory combined with the power and memory cashing of the latest multi core processing technologies has enabled vendors such as SAP...continued

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