Solid FX : where technical innovation meets customer satisfaction

e-Forex talks with José Baptista, Director of Solid Trading B.V., about Solid FX, the multi-bank ECN trading platform.

José, what were the reasons for launching the Solid FX trading platform and what benefits does it bring to the market? Coming from a proprietary algorithmic FX trading background, we’ve developed quite a profound feeling for the level of service offered by the major players on the FX market. Unfortunately both the quality of the technical aspects of the platform and the level of customer service were lacking considerably with almost each and every ECN. Since no real alternatives were available at the time, there was no need for these parties to up their game. To provide an actual alternative, focussing on technical excellence, flexibility and customer satisfaction, we decided to launch Solid FX in 2010. Since then, the amount of ECN’s has increased rapidly, with everyone pretending to be the best just to acquire as much business as possible. Though our product is state-of-the-art and most of our time is spent on technology (100% IT staff), what really matters is transparency and...continued

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