TMS Brokers S.A.

With Jonathan Williams, COO and Vice Chairman of the Management Board

Last year, TMS celebrated its 15th anniversary. The company was originally established as an advisor to Polish corporate and institutional clients in FX risk management. In 2004, TMS introduced online trading and became the first FX broker licensed by the Polish FSA. The firm operates through two brands: TMS and GO4X. The TMS brand targets novice to sophisticated retail and institutional clients, while the GO4X brand is tailored to entry-level clients. Each brand has its own website:, with detailed market data, research and analysis; and, with more basic market, trading and risk management content. “Although TMS offers trading in many asset classes, our business is heavily weighted towards FX trading.” Jonathan Williams continues. “This reflects our historic focus and expertise in FX risk management and exchange rate forecasting. TMS is the only CEE institution that competes in FX Week’s currency exchange rate forecasting contest against over 30 of the largest and...continued

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