FX traders see sunshine through the Cloud

Dan Barnes discovers how high availability, improved tolerance and increased scalability are leading FX traders to place more confidence in the Cloud.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 57 / Networks, Hosting and Connectivity / July 2014

Ownership of digital real estate can be likened to the ownership of wealth; at some point physically holding it becomes impractical and a ‘virtual’ alternative must be considered. As with wealth, using a secure specialist, who can ‘lend’ additional resources when they are needed, provides a flexibility that can really boost a business. Jubin Pejman, managing director of FCM360, a technology provider for derivatives trading firms, says, “We define our Cloud as a collection of different data centres around the world with different connectivity options and different types of computing. A defined set of components that you can select to provide a solution.”In the highly distributed and fluid foreign exchange markets, a highly distributed technology model carries obvious advantages. Nevertheless placing such important assets in the hands of a third party has not always been a comfortable choice for FX trading firms. John Stead, pre-sales manager at financial software...continued

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