By Tim Brankin Managing Director of TradeToolsFX
By Tim Brankin Managing Director of TradeToolsFX

Overcoming the technology hurdles when integrating a binary forex option platform

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 61 / Expert Opinion / July 2015

What technology solutions are available to help FX brokers to quickly deploy Binary Option trading capability? Until 2 years ago, the only choice for Forex brokers was to white label a web-based solution from one of the many Israeli based software companies.  We felt that existing FX brokers would not offer Binary Options if they could not be seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure, specifically on the MT4 platform. In 2013, TTFX launched the industry’s only true MT4 integration allowing FX brokers to launch Binary Options trading in less than 1 week.What are the main technical issues facing more established FX brokers who are looking to seamlessly integrate binary options into their more complex web, desktop and mobile trading infrastructures? For established Forex brokers whose primary platform is MT4, the main technical challenge is to seamlessly integrate Binary Options into their current offering. The TTFX Binary Options solution integrates easily and syncs realtime...continued

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