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e-Forex talks with Peter Jörgne CEO and Henrik Dubajic, Global Head of Sales at Aphelion, the award winning technology company whose team of software architects and partners have been working in the e-FX market since 1996.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 72 / Provider Profile / July, 2016

Henrik, Aphelion was launched in 2006. What range of software and services does the firm now provide?  HD: Aphelion’s mission is to provide hosted and fully managed turn-key eFX solutions to banks, brokerages and buy-side institutions. Having worked for tier 1 banks in the past Aphelion wants to provide tier 1 technology off-the-shelf but to tier 1-3 banks. Even though we provide true end-to-end platforms this most often include some customizations work. But the work required is nowhere near competing platforms or in-house built systems. Our purpose has never been to be one-solution-fits-all but to provide an absolute edge for when the platform does fit. This strategy somewhat limit the number of banks and institutions that would choose us as a supplier but for those who do, the fact that we provide fully contained solutions come with great advantages in terms of speed, performance, stability, time-to-market, Total-Cost-of-Ownership etc, compared to other solutions on the markets. What types...continued

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