WHY WHAT and WHEN? Addressing the key questions about using FX algorithms

With Mark Goodman, Global Head of Electronic Execution (FX, Rates, Credit, Futures) at UBS Investment Bank, Scott Wacker, Global Head of e-commerce Sales and Marketing at JP Morgan, David Mechner, CEO, Pragma Securities, Nickolas Congdon, Head of E-Trading Services at Commerzbank and Fergal Walsh, Managing Director, Global Head of FX Algorithmic Execution at Citi.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 76 / e-Forex Roundtable / June, 2017

What factors are driving increased demand for the use of execution algorithms by FX market participants? NC: The continuous evolution of the FX market coupled with the evolving regulatory environment has driven our clients to access more sophisticated execution mechanisms. Aiming to better manage their risk and achieve best execution, market players increasingly adopt algorithms to reduce overall transaction costs, access liquidity from multiple sources, provide seamless operational efficiency and increase transparency around order executions. Our tailored algorithmic execution services are based on this increased demand.  Our clients have shown they are confident to leave the order execution with our eFX teams allowing them to focus on their core businesses, whether that’s alpha generation or corporate treasury services. How can the use of algorithms help to give back more control to FX trading firms and assist them to recover ownership of their order flow and the prices they get? DM:...continued

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