Heering Ligthart President ACIFinancial Markets Director Fortis Bank.
Heering Ligthart President ACIFinancial Markets Director Fortis Bank.

From ERM crisis to cyber trading.

Heering Ligthart ponders whether the events of September 11 last year have acted as a catalyst for existing trends in the foreign exchange markets.

At this point of time many articles refer to the tragic events of 11 September last year and are trying to describe or assess the consequences of that event for their respective businesses. The question is if 11 September was the main factor behind all kinds of developments or the catalyst of existing trends.It goes without saying that this date has, had and will have, a dominating influence for a long time on the way we conduct our business, in particular because of the potential medium-term political consequences. The danger of a major armed conflict is not a positive factor for the economy and the attitude of consumers and producers alike. But apart from these important factors we have not – yet – experienced a dramatic decline in volumes and volatilities in the foreign exchange markets. The recovery of the Euro had been predicted for quite some time and the volatility in other currency pairs created enough trading opportunities.It seems that FX products have again become...continued

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