Goldman Sachs develops online quote tool

Goldman Sachs has developed an online quote tool, Goldman Sachs Quote Online, which is being offered to approximately 100 top tier GS clients. The tool is the online version of an internal pricing and risk management system of FX derivatives used by Goldman's FX Salespeople and Traders. GS Quote Online provides customers with a full list of vanilla and exotic FX options with the capability to price/structure them in a very easy and efficient way--replicating Excel capabilities.While providing real-time market updates in spot, forward, and volatilities, GS Quote Online is embedded with powerful analytical and communication tools including risk reports, graphs and plot functions that are derived from GS's proprietary historical data that goes back 20 years. Other useful tools include Goldman Sachs' Volatility Radar chart, which automatically detects abnormal volatility scenarios, and the market standard Hub IM messaging system which enables clients and salespeople to chat simultaneously....continued

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