Will Spinney is Group Treasurer at Invensys plc
Will Spinney is Group Treasurer at Invensys plc

Cost versus benefits: online FX from the treasury perspective

William Spinney outlines how online FX, although not top of his agenda, is still an important part of his drive to improve services and decision making as well as consolidate treasury activities.

The world of Online foreign exchange is just one of the things on my agenda. It is not the top of my agenda and is probably not at the top for many treasurers. Things such as the globalisation of operations, treasury structure and the utilisation of the Intranet to offer treasury services are much higher, quite apart from the pressures of funding and supporting our credit situation.Nevertheless, as part of my drive to improve services, consolidate treasury activities, improve strategic decision making and move towards high value activities, any way that I can reduce the time and cost spent on routine activities such as foreign exchange trading is very good news.Online foreign exchange is just one of the many things that are now being automated, but the common trend is that the home for most activities is swiftly becoming the web. Its power to distribute a service to our subsidiaries all round the world without software and to receive the latest information and service from banks without software and a modem...continued

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