Currenex offers executable Streaming Prices

Currenex has announced the launch of Executable Streaming Prices (ESP). ESP enables a customer to execute trades instantly off live FX prices, transmitted and refreshed in real time by any one or more of the customer's banks. With this latest Currenex enhancement, buyside customers are no longer confined to using single-bank price-streaming products, while banks dealing through the Currenex network can obtain greater protection and insight than they might achieve by streaming prices through only one of numerous unconnected systems."ESP also offers a powerful dealing mechanism for one-to-one trading," said Chief Executive, Clifford Lewis. "Through a Currenex private label arrangement, banks and brokers now can deliver tested, cutting-edge technology under their own brands, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives." The Currenex ESP service is fully integrated to Currenex's prime broker trading system, through which trades are given up automatically according to user-defined criteria and prime brokers can...continued

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