Teo Hiang Long is Senior Vice President of FairEx
Teo Hiang Long is Senior Vice President of FairEx

eFX initiatives and developments in Asia/Pacific region

Teo Hiang Long outlines how FX e-commerce initiatives are impacting business relationships and partnerships in the region.

The landscape of the FX markets and technology needs of financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region has changed and grown dramatically in the last few years. The growth of online trading through proliferations of the traditional FX businesses, the advent of technology and Internet, an Asian ‘FX focus’ and market psychology have given FX trading in this region a new dimension.Following the introduction of EBS and Reuters Dealing some years back, the spot FX markets has shifted quite significantly from those direct markets to various forms of proprietary or third party electronic systems, platforms and marketplaces; spurring the growths of prime brokerage arrangements, outsourced managed services and white labeling concepts amongst others. Foreign exchange has come of electronic age and this trend in eFX development has become a business reality. FX e-commerce initiatives in Asia Pacific are increasingly becoming major influencers of securing and sustaining new and continued...continued

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