IG Markets offers flexible way to trade FX using CFDs

IG Markets has broken new ground with the introduction of a comprehensive CFD trading service for spot FX markets. This popular service includes all the key features of traditional FX trading, such as the ability to deal in flexible size on 24-hour markets. CFDs are a highly convenient way to trade spot FX, eliminating the need to track daily rollovers on open positions and making account management much clearer. Low margin requirements provide exceptional leverage, while clients can also protect their level of risk with guaranteed stops.IG Markets also offers a full range of mini-forex contracts at one tenth the size of a full contract, to give clients the same degree of freedom they would expect from a conventional broker. IG Markets’ FX CFD service is available over the phone and on-line, using a sophisticated browser-based dealing platform. One CFD trading account with IG Markets also enables clients to trade on individual shares, stock indices and other markets....continued

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