Ilya Sorokin CEO ActForex, Inc.
Ilya Sorokin CEO ActForex, Inc.

Integrating a White Labelling solution

With equity houses becoming aware of the potential of online FX they need to consider the best means of bring FX to their customers. Ilya Sorokin talks about White labelling with an MSP.

Institutions providing online or offline equity trading are faced with falling commissions and declining buy- and sell-side revenues. Equity houses are becoming aware of retail Foreign Exchange as an emerging market, and seek the most reliable and efficient means of bringing FX to their customers.FX is clearly a lucrative cross-selling opportunity, the profit leader for 1st-tier banks such as UBS Warburg and Citibank. The key to harnessing a similar potential for equity broker dealers is overcoming the barriers to entry: cost, technology expertise, functionality, and security. The most effective way to surmount these barriers is to license a white-label online trading solution.Providing an electronic sales channel is a survival necessity for new entrants to retail FX. It is the only way to meet retail buy-side expectations such as variety of currencies, high liquidity, price transparency, fast execution, security, and privacy. The adoption of online FX trading is growing. Recent studies have shown that 40% of...continued

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