Tomas Zikas Sales Manager, Trayport Ltd
Tomas Zikas Sales Manager, Trayport Ltd

Preparing for trading systems of the future

Tomas Zikas describes the best way for companies to overcome the phenomenon of asset class silos by embracing the Generic trading system.

One thing is guaranteed. Companies are becoming more sophisticated, software more capable and users more demanding. The trading system of the future will need to embrace this and the needs of its users. What do people want of the trading system of the future?Traders: Imagine …an electronic trading platform which enables you to trade and hedge in spot FX, FX forwards, interest rate swaps, credit derivatives, etc… a common interface laid out in a way that suits your individual needs… the ability to hedge your long term currency exposure by dealing the appropriate interest rate products on the same screen… cross-product spreads and switches automatically calculated, integrating spot feeds from external sources to show the real-time price of a derivative product. IT managers: Imagine … one platform across multiple desks of different asset classes, meaning one support team, one infrastructure and one installation… your firewall,...continued

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