Tim Kemp Technology Consultant, Caplin Systems Inc.
Tim Kemp Technology Consultant, Caplin Systems Inc.

Leveraging the Internet for Financial Markets with Real-Time, Streaming Market Data

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 16 / FOCUS / October 2004

Leveraging the Internet for BusinessSince the invention of the World Wide Web, virtually every type of business has derived its own unique benefits from the Internet. Business-to-consumer websites (e.g. Amazon) led the way, with business-to-business services following closely behind. Financial services firms are also finding advantages in doing some business over the Internet. At the low end of the market, retail brokerage houses have comprehensive online transactional offerings – everything from do-it-yourself trading to portfolio management. At the high end, sell-side firms are big users of portal technology to communicate with their buy-side clients. However, financial services firms have a unique business requirement for which they are just beginning to harness the benefits of the Internet: real-time, streaming data. Just as transactions are key to a merchant’s business, and content delivery is central to media firms’, real-time data is at the very heart...continued

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