Chris J Pickles Manager, Industry Relations, Radianz
Chris J Pickles Manager, Industry Relations, Radianz

Resilient Networks - providing the foundation for real-time data transmission

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 16 / FOCUS / October 2004

The Internet Protocol (IP) has become the industry standard network protocol, and the financial services industry is now migrating away from the old proprietary world to the latest IP-based networks.Each type of IP network has different characteristics, which provide companies delivering services with a range of choices. Using the Internet is an obvious choice for many, particularly if they are addressing the private investor sector. But using the Internet to deliver services always needs a cost/benefit calculation, because in the end it is not cost-free and doesn’t necessarily deliver all of the benefits that all of your customers may insist on. And there are alternatives to the Internet.VPN’sVirtual private networks (VPNs) are managed by the network provider. One great advantage of a VPN is that your network provider can build you a network that is customised to your exact requirements in every detail. The disadvantage tends to be that every time that you acquire a new...continued

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