BAXTER Solutions Kft. launching new component

BAXTER Solutions Kft. is launching a new component to it's suite of FX Streaming PriceEngine applications: Mark-to-Market Monitor (the "MMM"). The component which can potentially run with any third party system is build to facilitate the analysis of Customer "Flow quality", and is used to monitor trades coming from either one's Single Bank system, ECN's or direct Customer connections.This development is in response to the growing pains endured by top Tier Liquidity Provider, to help understand the nature and quality of the business they capture with their various e-FX initiatives. This tool proves to be essential in production to evaluate Market Making profitability. It helps identify quickly possible negative trading patterns like "arbing", line-ups and "insider" trading. Once a customer profile is identified, the Bank can better manage the risks associated with trading against "aggressive" counter parties, or address and rectify the issue directly with the customers....continued

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