EBS ®™ facilitates automated program trading

EBS®™ has introduced automated program (API) trading to the world’s largest spot FX trading community. EBS®™ Spot Ai will provide customers with a unique tool to enhance their business opportunities in the global spot FX market. Automated trading solution EBS Spot Ai provides direct electronic access between the financial customer’s trading systems and the global FX community trading on the EBS®™ Spot system using automated programming interface (API) technology. The EBS Spot Ai API supports a range of FX functions including risk management and facilitating algorithm-based trading such as momentum trading, moving average and arbitrage models.Jack Jeffery, Chief Executive Officer, EBS, said: “While trading models are commonly used in other asset classes, it has not been a significant factor in FX trading. EBS Spot Ai marks a pivotal development for the FX market, as it provides an additional...continued

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