Bharath Rangarajan Director of product marketing at GemStone Systems
Bharath Rangarajan Director of product marketing at GemStone Systems

Gaining Competitive Advantage in FX markets through real-time data middleware

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 25 / FOCUS / October 2006

While equities trading technologies have often been the poster-child of real-time infrastructures, the need for such architectures in the Foreign Exchange market is no less critical. The complexity and competition surrounding FX pricing and valuation models of a firm necessitate a data backbone that can cope with the increasing volumes and low-latency requirements of today’s global capital markets. Whether it is hybrid rates or exotic FX products, processing efficiency becomes a critical factor. Furthermore, the accuracy of these models is directly impacted by the latency associated with accessing market data and data resident in proprietary data sources. Faster and more efficient players in the market will marginalize the less nimble firms and enjoy hefty profits at the latter’s expense.With the onslaught of electronic trading, hundreds of thousands of data points are created globally every second as orders are executed, currencies are traded, prices are determined, and...continued

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