Paul Ronan Managing Practictioner, City Practictioners
Paul Ronan Managing Practictioner, City Practictioners

Quantifying the FX Data Management problem

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 25 / FOCUS / October 2006

Over the last couple of years the FX market has, to a great extent, reinvented itself. The market has seen the addition of further liquidity pools which offer new streaming models to a growing customer base that perceives FX as a viable short term investment vehicle. And, just as with the equity and fixed income markets, this has lead to new levels of transparency and higher volumes of trading. Invariably, such trading conditions require market makers to be “on top of their game” – off market prices are punished as the increased anonymity of market participants encourages what would have traditionally been seen as “ungentlemanly behaviour”. For many, this has resulted in an “arms race” to develop the quickest pricing engines, with particular focus being placed both on reducing the number of components between reading an EBS or D2 price and on pumping out a stream price appropriate to a certain volume,...continued

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