Dr. Ugur Cetintemel
Dr. Ugur Cetintemel

Stream Processing Technology – Gearing up for Low-Latency FX Trading

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 25 / FOCUS / October 2006

Stream processing has recently emerged as a response to sophisticated monitoring and analytical applications that require low-latency processing of high volume, real-time event streams, often integrated with historical data. A Stream Processing Engine (SPE) makes it possible to execute the same types of queries and computations against real-time streaming data that were previously possible only on stored data. The goal of this article is to review the latest innovations in stream processing and describe its applications in the FX trading market. Real-time analytical applications on high-volume event streams have been traditionally built using languages such as C++ and Java. Custom coding using low-level tools means expensive, long development and maintenance cycles. Stream Processing Engines (SPEs) provide much higher ease of use, flexibility, and extensibility compared to custom solutions.Stream Processing: Combining Performance, Programmability and PersistenceUnlike any existing systems software, an SPE...continued

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